Full Packaging Services & Professional Consultation for Self-Packaging

Packaging properly requires technical know-how gained by experience, and the ability to foresee risks and provide suitable solutions. Rav Movil (Movers) is capable of sending our professionals, along with all the supplies required, to guarantee a smooth and satisfying relocation experience.

Regardless whether you choose to pack up independently or thru our firm,
Rav Movil has prepared aids and tips, professional guidance,
to assist you. The supplies, labor, and time necessary are important factors
in organizing a good plan.

What's needed for a 4 room apt? ( for example)
85 sturdy cartons of various sizes.
translucent industrial tape.
strong nylon bags
nylon bubble sponge protection rolls
lots of newspapers
magic markers
colored tape
Japanese knives

How do you start?
The relocation is a great opportunity to evaluate your wishes to renew and consider which possessions can be sold, or donated to charitable organizations. The stored property accumulated and the unused things can translate into dollars saved on transport and re-storage. These objects should be packaged separately, or discussed with us.
Each room may be wisely packaged independently. Heavy things, like books, should be packed in strong cartons.
Fragile objects must be wrapped well and then placed in boxes, each separately.
Be sure to tape-close them on all sides.
Assure cartons are filled, use clothing or material to fill them hermetically.
Write on the cartons the content and the designated room. Use the colored tape