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Recommended moving company for Relocation and Crane lifting`s services in Beit Shemesh.
Moving, Crane Lifting`s, Content packaging, Furniture assembly, Storage, AC transferal & Painting after departure

Reliable moving company to serve your relocation demands

Rav Movil (Movers) moving company
Rav Movers Moving company, Relocation and Crane lifting`s services 
Packing service, Storage facility, Furniture assembly

Rav Movers (Ravmovil) moving company offers moving services of homes, apartments and offices in Beit Shemesh and the surrounding areas, and promises you an easy and successful move with a reliable Moving company and experienced professional staff of movers.
Moving an apartment or an office ,as we all know, can be involved with a lot of stress and not a small headache (packing, boxes, fixing the apartment that you move from and the one that you are moving to, moving air conditioners, etc.)

With us you can move with ease (even with a smile) We offer all the services you may need, in a highly professional level, and spare you the need to hire different people. All that with fair prices and with full guaranty.

We employ Jewish Movers only.

The cargo and employees are fully insured .

Moving? We're here for you!

Relocation services for apartments or offices

When you choose to use Rav Movil (Movers), you will receive the following: Transport vehicles of varying sizes Hydraulic - powered, secured trucks A totally Jewish staff of quality, professional individuals Experts as follows: carpenters, painters, a/c technicians, packers and movers, renovators, storage. full insurance coverage and personal responsibility guarantee highest standards of ethics. consultation and a contract Great prices - for a most competitive price estimate. When you choose Rav Movers, a representative will visit the place and consult regarding all aspects of the move. A written contract will be prepared to avoid complications, to deal with the particulars and to formulate mutual understandings regarding the project at hand. The price will be fixed w/o surprising alterations, setting the time frame, staff, and other details. The full scale services, all under the auspices of Rav Movil (Movers), is the best way to organize such a project and solves the issues of compatibility, coordination, responsibility, and timing. Rav Movil (Movers) offers sophisticated storage services. All content is registered with Insurance underwriters. The storage itself is conducted orderly, proper space providing access to the locked up goods, and in ventilated, clean conditions. In short, Rav Movil (Movers) accompany`s you from the first contact, until the job is completed to your satisfaction. solving the full range of issues, and takes full responsibility - and at a most competitive price

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Moving and crane lifting

Rav Movil (Movers) moving company offers a crane lifting service in cases when needed for the job. When transporting conditions require overcoming the limitations existing through the building, external solutions are necessary to allow a professional relocation. WHEN IS THIS APPLICABLE? - When moving to or from upper floors - Transport of heavy and large furniture and objects - Situation where the elevator is not sufficient - For transporting sensitive and expensive equipment - In order to conduct an expedient transfer Crane and Lift Capacities: 350 kg 50 km/hr. 45 meter height The Advantages: Expediency and speed Improved security Savings in manpower Avoiding complications with neighbors and environmental issues

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Full Packaging Services & Professional Consultation for Self-Packaging

Packaging properly requires technical know-how gained by experience, and the ability to foresee risks and provide suitable solutions. Rav Movil (Movers) is capable of sending our professionals, along with all the supplies required, to guarantee a smooth and satisfying relocation experience.

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Storage facilities in Beit Shemesh area

Rav Movil (Movers) offers sophisticated storage services. All content is registered with Insurance underwriters. The storage itself is conducted orderly, proper space providing access to the locked-up goods, and in ventilated, clean conditions, with wooden platforms beneath. Rav Movil (Movers) maintains storage capabilities in Beit Shemesh area at the most competitive prices. All of the storage facilities are protected by smoke detectors, alarm systems, 24 hour camera and computerized observation. Insect and rodent protection by professional exterminators is carried out regularly.

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Dismantling and assembling furniture

Rav Movil (Movers) provides Furniture Disassembling / Reassembling services as part of the move or as a separate service. All assembly services are provided by experienced carpenters and handyman. We take full responsibility on all aspects of the work.

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Painting an apartment after moving

The general terms of rental contracts, dictate the obligation to return the property freshly painted and without damages. Rav Movil (Movers) provides the solution to these issues with its professional staff, capable of any requests.

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Air conditioners transferal and installation

The orderly dismantling of air control units is a serious matter requiring an experienced technician. Rav Movil (Movers) supplies this expertise at all stages of the transport, and the reinstalling, quickly and efficiently.

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We provide relocation and crane lifting services in Beit Shemesh

Lifting with a crane is the safest and most efficient way to transfer the contents of your apartment without damage!

Rav Movers moving company will provide for you relocation and crane lifting services in Beit Shemesh. You may rent a crane lifting only .Call now 02-9923002

Receive free cardboard boxes!

Rav Movil (Movers) Relocation Services is located in Bet shemesh. Therefore any contracts closed this month, either for moving from Beit Shemesh to a different location, within Ramat Bet Shemesh including Ramat Bet Shemesh Gimmel, or, to Ramat Bet Shemesh Gimmel from another location, will benefit from...

Free packaging cartons, guidance and a significant reduction from the regular prices.

Note- Rav movers moving company is fully insured for both your belongings and our labor (in case of injury), all Movers, Packers, Carpenters and Handyman are professional and They are employed by Rav movers Moving company for several years, all of our staff is Jewish.

Our moving company can supply up to 3 trucks 15 professional personals and a crane for a grand house or office move within the city.

The work is done with patience and tolerance to all of the clients requests, each member of the staff has been chosen by his ability to provide highest standards of service, part from being excellent at is profession.
Relocation & crane services in Beit Shemesh

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