Receive free cardboard boxes!

Rav Movil (Movers) Relocation Services is located in Bet shemesh. Therefore any contracts closed this month, either for moving from Beit Shemesh to a different location, within Ramat Bet Shemesh including Ramat Bet Shemesh Gimmel, or, to Ramat Bet Shemesh Gimmel from another location, will benefit from...

Free packaging cartons, guidance and a significant reduction from the regular prices.

Note- Rav movers moving company is fully insured for both your belongings and our labor (in case of injury), all Movers, Packers, Carpenters and Handyman are professional and They are employed by Rav movers Moving company for several years, all of our staff is Jewish.

Our moving company can supply up to 3 trucks 15 professional personals and a crane for a grand house or office move within the city.

The work is done with patience and tolerance to all of the clients requests, each member of the staff has been chosen by his ability to provide highest standards of service, part from being excellent at is profession.
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