Storage facilities in Beit Shemesh area

Rav Movil (Movers) offers sophisticated storage services.
All content is registered with Insurance underwriters. The storage itself is conducted orderly,
proper space providing access to the locked-up goods, and in ventilated,
clean conditions, with wooden platforms beneath.

Rav Movil (Movers) maintains storage capabilities in Beit Shemesh area at the most competitive prices.
All of the storage facilities are protected by smoke detectors, alarm systems, 24 hour camera and computerized observation. Insect and rodent protection by professional exterminators is carried out regularly.

When is Storaging popularly suggested?
- when traveling overseas for an extended period, in order to entertain a rental option, and to preserve one's furniture and other belongings.
- to protect things during major renovations.
- as a temporary solution to one needing to leave one place and find another.
- to guard things that are being saved for others in a future date, or for oneself, like inheritances, property settlements, or other applicable circumstances.

We have smaller rooms to service tourists on the move or business needs and commercial merchandise.

Choosing A Storage Service
-Check several estimated costs.
- Visit their physical sites and look at the conditions as relates to all discussed above., order, cleanliness, security, and the personalities involved.
- Ask about the insurance ceiling and registration process that will guarantee responsibility.
-Determine the basis of the premiums and costs, whether daily or monthly.
-Clarify that the accommodations are suitable to the particular things you need to storage.
Verify regarding exterminator contracts.